Dec. 30th, 2016

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Sometimes I find a blank page freeing but sometimes it is as intimidating as everyone says. And when I get intimidated, I apparently get pretentious. So this is my pretentious first entry to help break the ice on a new blogging platform that I still don't fully understand. 

I am prepping for a move from Canada to South Korea which is occupying most of my thoughts. I have 15 days in Europe before I go. I have 27 other days in my parents house. I am very excited about one, less excited about the other. 

I am going to go write smutty fanfic for the rest of this evening. 
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 The library in my old town has 3 holds for me that the library in my current town does not even have in the collection. 

Driving nearly 3 hours for 3 books is not unreasonable, right? If I make lunch date plans with a friend and also stop off at the Consulate to pick up my passport then I’m just multi-tasking, right?

Then I can hoard all 3 and bring them back sometime post-Euro-Trip. 

The books are:

  • Swan Riders (the sequel to Scorpion Rules a YA dystoptian novel that I loved) 
  • Bird by Bird (a book on writing novels)
  • A Long Way to A Small Angry Planet (which is apparently like Firefly but with more lesbians and more aliens and yes, do want those things)


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